About C. Ronald Fetzer and Associates, Inc.



This firm is a small firm with a niche practice. Our client base consists of people and businesses who want year round prompt answers to their questions, who want all the time and attention to detail that their accounting, paralegal and tax matters require and who want to access our "turnkey" approach to any project in which we are engaged. Mr. Fetzer is truly dismayed at the disdain shown to the clients (who are really their employers) of a growing number of attorneys, CPA's and, sadly, EA's. He has heard countless numbers of tales of unreturned phone calls, failure to provide billing details or admit to errors, a total lack of correspondence in matters that require it and on the list goes and grows! Your contacts with this firm are sacred to us. We do communicate and keep you informed as far as is humanly possible. We are punctilious, meticulous and vociferous where client communication is needed.


Our firm is dedicated to the quality and timely turnaround of its assignments. Our continuing education in accounting and tax law is nearly double that required by our license issuer. Each project is reviewed three times before release to the client.


We are dedicated to Judeo-Christian moral and ethical precepts that guide all of our personal and business relationships. In 1980, when Mr. Fetzer founded the forerunner company to this firm, he knew that the cornerstone of his practice had to be ethical behavior.

He quickly became known to his first clients for this meticulous approach. By 1984 he was teaching "Ethics in Business" (pro bono) to graduating seniors from the New York School of Fashion (Massey Institute of Design). He was addressing ethical issues on New York and New Jersey public radio and television. As a frequent guest of a variety of television hosts, he promoted his values as he shared financial and tax tips with the public at large.



We offer an ala carte list of services approach to our clients. But, whenever desired by them, we offer one-stop shopping to the extent that we are legally allowed.

An example: Joe and Jane have their tax returns prepared here. One day, they need to make a decision about what form of business entity to set up. Part of their decision rest upon tax outcomes. Then, once they have the facts, they decide to create an LLC or a Corporation or a Partnership in Anywhere, U.S.A. They have been given advice for ALL of the tax and financial records, first moves, etcetera. They also are able to access tax and company record keeping guidance when needed as they grow their small business.